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September 25, 2014
Rosh Hashanah
September 26, 2014
Spirit Night at City Park
October 2, 2014
Learn about the McGehee Advantage
Headmistress, Eileen Powers will speak to all Parents of Little Gate Girls.
October 13, 2014
Fall holiday
October 16, 2014
Pre-K Admissions Information Breakfast
Join us for this informative session about the Pre-Kindergarten application process.

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Application Our students enjoy learning through play, discovery and exploration.  Visit our school and see first hand the happy faces of our students!
Life at Little Gate
We're having a blast at Little Gate!
See some of the best moments!
Fun was had by all creating wire sculptures, self-portraits, chandeliers and more!! Your children were in awe this morning as they walked into their classrooms to see what you had made for them!...... read more
Many of our classes have begun the year having the children create self-portraits. Why you ask? A child's self-portrait can reveal many things. As with any type of drawing, it shows a child's fine...... read more
Our little Saints fans had a fantastic time today dressed in their black and gold! They were able to scoop black and gold beans and beads in our manipulative table, dance around Windy to "When the...... read more
School has gotten of to a wonderful start! The children have spent the last few days getting acquainted with their friends, exploring their new classrooms and becoming familiar with their daily...... read more
Let me be the first in welcoming you to the 2014 - 205 school year at Little Gate! We hope you had a wonderful summer and are looking as forward to the start of school as we are. Our teachers have...... read more
Why is tinkering so important? tinkering is about hands-on experiences, persisting through failure and unstructured time to explore and invent tinkering invites us to tackle the unkown and.... read more

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